VTC 2022

VTC 2022
Short answer - it's happening!

After reviewing the feedback of the survey, Fishcord are happy to confirm that VTC 2022 will be taking place. Using the same format as previous years, round 1 will begin as of week commencing 14th Feb, with the remaining 4 rounds on the weekend of the 26-27th Feb. Tickets will cost £25 per team. Returning from the previous year, have Thomas Andrews as the head-judge, with myself as the EO for point of contact.

We looked at all of the feedback that was given last year and in the most recent survey. As a committee we felt that if we were to split the rounds across a longer time period (so having more league rounds, or over more weekends), it would impact the spirit of the event, as well as making it much harder for the judge/admin team.

Starting times are something that we have discussed at length, as we would prefer to avoid players from being unable to play due to rounds occurring at unsociable hours. Sadly we're unsure that we can achieve this, as whenever we try to cater for certain timezones, we make it much worse for others. We have come to the conclusion that the best we can do is set the start time of the weekend rounds to be at 16:00 UTC.

Teams will consist of 5 players with the addition of an optional reserve, if a player is to be replaced by the reserve this needs to be before the pairings start and must be made known to the opposing team and head judge.

If you would like to offer to help with judging for the event, either reach out to Thomas Andrews or myself.
Streamers looking to cover games within the event should reach out to myself in order to discuss.
Any future news will be published on the VTC and Fishcord servers, as well as to https://fishcord.larnu.uk/

Hope your all excited for VTC 2022. Here’s some important dates and information for you to make sure you have in your calendar.

Emails in regards to entry will be sent to the the email provided by the captains by the end of the week. The entry fee for the event of £25 will be paid through Shopify. Payment will need to be completed by the latest of 07/01/2022

List submission will commence on the 08/01/2022 through a google form with a deadline of 22/01/2022. It is the captains responsibility to submit all of the teams lists for the event (these can be in war room or conflict chamber format) and to check that all of the lists are correct. No changes to the lists will be allowed from the 22/01/2022 and all lists at that point will be final.

The following information will be available to the public as of the 05/02/22;
Player pack (including maps with scenarios),
Judge pack,
Teams and lists.
Captains will also at this stage be sent over invites to the server and will be able to create their teams and invite their team members to their team role.

Currently the event will run for 4 rounds(1 round in the league week, 2 on the Saturday and 1 on the Sunday) if we have anymore sign ups we will the potential of a 5th round depending on pair ups. We will not be doing a cut top top teams this year.