Fishcord Steamrollers At RuleZero

This Event Has Been Cancelled

The next event will be on the 23rd of October. It will be 3 rounds with 8 players.If there is more demand i will contact the venue to see if we can get more tables. We will be running the 2021 SR packet, 75 point lists, 2nd list optional and D&C 0. Each player will have 1:00hr Death clocks each round. Only models on Warroom and the card database will be valid, so no cid models (no -1 casters). Entry ticket will be £10.

You can purchase a ticket here!

Event Times
Registration - 10:30

Round 1 pairings - 10:50
Round 1 clocks start - 11:00

Lunch - 13:15

Round 2 pairings - 14:00
Round 2 clocks start - 14:10

Break - 16:10

Round 3 pairings - 16:20
Round 3 clocks start - 16:30

Awards - 18:30

Prize Support
We will be offering the following prize support for the event. This will be in the form of vouchers for Firestorm Games.

1st place £10
2nd Place £5
Last place £5

All tickets will be refundable if the event is cancelled due to Covid requirements.
In order to attend the event you will have to agree to any rules that RuleZero as a venue has set in regards to Covid 19.
Entry fees for this event will be going towards venue costs, prize support and invested into resources for future events