What is Fishcord

Fishcord started as an online community for playing games online during the Pandemic. We very quickly started to run events regularly for people to meet online and share the hobby we all love, with people attending from all over. After the success of the events, we moved to leagues to help provide for more of the community to play games.

We have also helped with other large events such as the VTC's along with Knightsmachine and also ran a charity event online to raise money for mental health.
Going forward we are running the 2022 VTC along with Steamrollers in our "local" area in London to help build the community again. And who knows we may do even more in the future.
Members of the Fishcord Team are;
Ryan W - Community engagement and admin,
Thom A - Head Judge and Admin,
Dean B - Judge,
Jack B - Judge and host of Shipmate,
Barry W - Judge and works on Shipmate